Asparagus varieties 2020 – sold out for 2020

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Product Description

For 2020 we will be carrying Asparagus Jersey Giant, Asparagus Mary Washington and Asparagus Purple Passion (MARY WASHINGTON and PURPLE PASSION NOW SOLD OUT FOR 2020).

Asparagus is a perennial, spring vegetable that anyone can grow. It can produce for 15 years or more if planted and managed properly.

It is suggested to plant 10 crowns per family member.


Plant asparagus in well drained, loamy soil. Add peat moss, leaf mold or straw to clay soil.
• May be planted as soon as the soil can be worked.
• Dig a trench 6-12 inches deep and 6 inches wide. Add compost to create ridge 3 inches high in the bottom of the trench.
• Plant the crowns 15-18 inches apart spreading the roots over the ridge.
• Cover the crowns and roots with 2 inches of mixed soil and compost.
• As the stems grow fill in the rest of the trench with soil and compost, leaving 3-4 Inches of stem exposed.
• Allow asparagus to grow 2 full seasons before harvesting (early spring). Let the ferny foliage grow throughout the season until frost. The foliage makes great greenery for flower arrangements.
• Asparagus benefits from being top dressed with 2 inches of compost each year.