Begonias, Wax

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Product Description

Wax begonias come in white, red, and pinks and the leafs come in green leaf or dark leaf. They grow 8-10″ Tall 6-8″ wide.  They can work in Full Sun to Full Shade. They are great for landscape use as they don’t require a lot of maintenance or water.  They are very common for landscapers to plant them for various jobs.

2020 Varieties include:

Begonia Prelude Plus Mix (Green Leaf)
Begonia Bada Bing Rose (Green Leaf)
Begonia Prelude Plus Scarlet (Green Leaf)
Begonia Bada Bing White (Green Leaf)
Begonia Bada Boom Mix (Bronze Leaf)
Begonia Bada Boom Rose (Bronze Leaf)
Begonia Bada Boom Scarlet (Bronze Leaf)
Begonia Bada Boom White (Bronze Leaf)

Plant in Partial Sun (at least 3 hrs of sun)
Space 8-12″ (20-30cm) apart
Grows 6-8″ (15-20cm) tall
by 6-8″ (15-20cm) wide