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Dahlias come in a large variety of colors and multicolored flowers. They range in sizes from short dahlias 8-12″ high to 10″ wide. The large ones can grow up to 2 feet high. The large dahlias come in bulb form that you can buy from us in the early spring and start them indoors to get an early start, or plant them directly into the ground just before chance of frost is gone. When the fall comes you let the plant die off, dig up the bulb and let it dry for a few days. To store them put the bulbs in a 5 gallon bucket with some peat moss. The short dahlias you purchase already grown in 4.5″ containers from us starting around the first of May. All dahlias like to be deadheaded regularly to entice more blooms. They prefer full sun.

Dahlia varieties Kool Breeze Farms for 2020:

Dahlia Dahlinova Anna (Salmon)
Dahlia Dahlinova Emily ( Pink)
Dahlia Dahlinova Julia (Yellow)#
Dahlia Dahlinova Louise (Pink)
Dahlia Dahlinova Rachel (Salmon)
Dahlia Dahlinova Patty (Red)#
Dahlia Dahlinova Vicky (Light Yellow)
Dahlia Dahlinova Blanca (White)#
Dahlia Dalaya Pink Rose Eye
Dahlia Dalaya Purple White
Dahlia Dalaya Red White
Dahlia Dalaya Yellow Red Eye
Dahlia CityLghts Golden Yellow#
Dahlia CityLghts Purple#
Dahlia CityLghts Red#
Dahlia Venti Passion Fruit