Empty Containers, Pots and Baskets

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There are lots of empty baskets, pots and containers here at Kool Breeze Farms in Summerside. Only a few are pictured so come for a visit to see what’s in store.

You’ll find containers shaped like birds, frogs, logs, dogs, owls, cows, lambs and trucks.  Our selection includes pots and containers made of wood, ceramic, metal and plastic. There are pots in all sorts of designs, shapes and sizes. You’ll find a container for a tiny windowsill cactus or a pot large enough for a tree. Containers pictured are subject to availability as some popular styles sell out fast.

For some simple tips on planting perfect containers, check out our blog post.

Looking for growing mix for your containers? We carry a wide variety of  bagged potting mixes and soil products. 

Soilmate Premium Growing Mix, Certified Organic

Fafard Veranda Container Mix