Geraniums (annuals)

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Geraniums have been around for many years. They come in all different colors, red being the most popular. They grow 12-14″ tall and 12-14″ wide. There are many varieties that grow all different sizes.

Geraniums work great in baskets, containers, and flower beds. Geraniums thrive in full sun but can handle part shade. They will flower all summer long, you just need to keep up with deadheading. You can also over winter them in your house then bring them out in the spring. Some people keep their geraniums year after year.

Geranium varieties for 2020:

Geranium Regal Elegance Burgundy
Geranium Regal Elegance Claret
Geranium Regal Pinkerbell
Geranium Brocade Fire
Geranium Brocade Fire Night
Geranium Brocade Salmon Night
Geranium Brocade Cherry Night
Geranium Diva Queen
Geranium Mint Julep
Geranium Vancouver Centennial
Geranium Wilhelm Langguth
Citronella Geranium
Geranium Darko Deep Red
Geranium Darko Neon Purple
Geranium Darko Pink
Geranium Darko Spanish Wine Burgundy
Geranium Darko Spanish Wine Rose
Geranium Darko Velvet Red
Geranium Darko White
Geranium Presto Dark Red
Geranium Presto Salmon Dk#
Geranium Ivy Precision Burgundy Dk#
Geranium Ivy Precision Lavender Bl#
Geranium Ivy Precision Pink
Geranium Ivy Precision Pink Flamingo#
Geranium Ivy Precision Red
Geranium Ivy Precision Ruby#
Geranium Ivy Precision White Red Eye#
Geranium Elanos Blue
Geranium Elanos Bordeaux
Geranium Elanos Dazzling Pink
Geranium Elanos Deep Red
Geranium Elanos Iceberg White
Geranium Elanos Mosaic Pink
Geranium Elanos Shocking Orange
Geranium Elanos Shocking Pink
Geranium Elanos Violet
Geranium Elanos White Norstar
Geranium Fantasia Red Dk#
Geranium Maestro Idols Bright Red
Geranium Maestro Idols Deep Red
Geranium Maestro Idols Light Pink Parfait
Geranium Maestro Idols Pink Parfait
Geranium Maestro Idols Salmon
Geranium Maestro Idols Whit