Greenhouse Gold Seafood Compost, Certified Organic

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Product Description

12.7 kg.

Greenhouse Gold Seafood Compost is a compost that is made by composting softwood barks with lobster and crab shell residue. Using seafood compost as a soil conditioner or amendment and incorporating into your growing beds each year will improve the overall health of your soil environment.

Adds organic matter to your soil – Improves soil structure – Improves water holding capacity of your soil – Adds nutrients to your growing beds.

*Seafood compost should be used as a part of a complete soil maintenance package. 
Application rate below are suggestive only, soil tests should be taken to learn exactly what nutrients are required for your soils intended purpose.
Depending on your soil type, mix and incorporate seafood compost at a minimum depth of 2-4” and blend with existing soil
For annual topdressing, spread an even layer of seafood compost over your existing lawn ¼” to ½” depth
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