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Product Description

Impatiens are popular because they thrive in full shade to part shade. They work great under trees, up next to fences where the sun doesn’t get to. They will flower all summer long. Impatiens come in all different colors red, pinks, white, and oranges. They grow 9-11″ tall and spread 13-15″ wide. These plants do not require a lot of water because they do not get a lot of sun to dry them out. Its better to keep them on the dry to moist side. Do not over water as this can cause them to rot.

For 2020 we will carry the following impatiens varieties:

Impatiens Accent Burgundy
Impatiens Beacon Mix Red White -new for 2020
Impatiens Beacon Violet Shades- new for 2020
Impatiens Dazzler Blue Pearl
Impatiens Dazzler Cranberry
Impatiens Dazzler Coral
Impatiens Dazzler Mix
Impatiens Dazzler Orange
Impatiens Dazzler Pink
Impatiens Dazzler Punch
Impatiens Dazzler Red
Impatiens Dazzler Salmon
Impatiens Dazzler White
Impatiens Sup Elf Mix Cha Cha
Impatiens Double Fiesta Appleblossom
Impatiens Double Burgundy
Impatiens Double Fiesta Deep Orange#
Impatiens Double Fiesta Sunrise Red#
Impatiens Double Fiesta Stardust Pink#
Impatiens Double Fiesta White
Impatiens Sunpatiens Vgrs Salmon#
Impatiens Sunpatiens Vgrs Tropical Orange
Impatiens Sunpatiens Vgrs White#
Impatiens Sunpatiens Comp Purple#
Impatiens Sunpatiens Compact Tropical Rose
Impatiens Sunpatiens Big Bounce Lilac#
Impatiens Sunpatiens Big Bounce Pink#
Impatiens Sunpatiens Big Bounce Red#