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Pansies are known for their vibrant flowers of blue, orange, purple, yellow and red. They can be put outside in early spring in April because they can handle a good dusting of frost. If we get frost when they are outside you just get up in the morning and wash the frost off the leaves.

Pansies grow 8-10” tall & wide. They can be planted in containers or flower beds and last right up to November with deadheading. They are great for that first spring color at Easter or Mother’s Day when nothing else even looks alive yet. If planted in the ground you have a good chance that they will come back the following season even though they are classified as an annual. Pansies like full sun.

Kool Breeze Farms pansy varieties for 2020:

Pansy Delta Prem Pure Yellow-new for 2020
Pansy Halloween II
Pansy MG II Mix Blotch
Pansy MG II Sherry Blotch
Pansy MG II Yellow Clear
Pansy Matrix Lavender Sh
Pansy Matrix Mix
Pansy Matrix Mix Clear
Pansy Matrix Morpheus
Pansy Matrix Ocean
Pansy Matrix Orange
Pansy Matrix Purple
Pansy Matrix Red Blotch
Pansy Matrix Sunrise
Pansy Matrix White
Pansy Matrix Yellow Ipd
Pansy Panola XP Blue True
Pansy Panola XP Mix Autmn Blz
Pansy Panola XP Mix Clear
Pansy Panola XP Orange Deep
Pansy Panola XP Rose Picotee
Pansy Panola XP Scarlet
Pansy Panola XP Yellow
Pansy Spr Matrix Blue Wing
Pansy Spr Matrix Midnight Glow
Pansy Spr Matrix Mix
Pansy Spr Matrix Pink Sh