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Product Description

Bedding petunias are the upright varieties that grow 10-15” tall, 10-12” wide. They come in various colors such as pink, red, white, yellow, purple and more. You can get them in single or double flowers. They work great in flower beds and mass plantings. Petunias prefer full sun. There is deadheading required for some varieties. Wave petunias and Supertunias do not require deadheading.

Kool Breeze Farms will carry the following petunia varieties for 2020:

Petunia Madness Mix Clear
Petunia Madness Yellow
Petunia Madness Burgundy
Petunia Pretty Grand Coral Ipd
Petunia Pretty Grand Midnight
Petunia Pretty Grand Mix Flag
Petunia Pretty Grand Pink Deep
Petunia Pretty Grand Purple
Petunia Pretty Grand Red
Petunia Pretty Grand White
Petunia Double Madness Mix
Petunia Double Pirouette Red
Petunia Double Madness Rose, new for 2020
Petunia Double Pirouette Purple, new for 2020
Petunia Easy Wave Pink Passion
Petunia Easy Wave Red
Petunia Easy Wave White
Petunia Wave Purple