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In stock for 2018 (subject to availability):

FALSE SPIREA: A spreading plant that freely suckers. Leaves open with a red tinge before changing to green. Good for massing, grouping, shrub borders and bank covers. Flowers on new wood. Prune back in spring.
SEM FALSE SPIREA: An extremely eye catching plant. The new growth starts out a pink-red and then slowly changes to a chartreuse green.
GARLAND SPIREA: A slender branched shrub with finely textured foliage. Flowers on old wood. Pruning should be done after flowering.
ANTHONY WATERER SPIREA: New growth is deep purple/red. Useful as a flowering hedge, border or mass planting. Prune in early spring before new growth starts.
FROEBEL’S SPIREA: Leaves open purple before changing to green. Similar to Anthony Waterer but tolerates cold better.
GOLDFLAME SPIREA: New growth opens red before changing to yellow. Trim after flowering and new growth will repeat itself.
GOLDMOUND SPIREA: Excellent golden foliage with a compact mounding habit. Pink flowers can bloom throughout the summer.
DOUBLE PLAY® BLUE KAZOO® SPIREA: The blue foliage is a perfect contrast to the crisp white blooms. There is a hint of burgundy in the leaves which increases as the season progresses to fall when the leaves turn a bright red.
DOUBLE PLAY® CANDY CORN® SPIREA: Candy apple red foliage starts in the spring but as the season progresses the older foliage changes to pineapple yellow which creates a nice contrast with the orangey-red new growth.
DOUBLE PLAY® DOOZIE™ SPIREA: A sterile, re-blooming cultivar with vibrant green spring foliage that darkens as the season progresses. Bright red flowers appear in spring and then again in June in shades of red-purple. Blooms continue until frost.
CRISPLEAF SPIREA: A very interesting form with deeply serrated, twisted leaves and rose/pink flowers.
LITTLE PRINCESS SPIREA: A low, dense, mounding shrub good for hedges and borders. Excellent dark red fall colour.
DAKOTA GOLDCHARM® SPIREA: A dwarf, gold leaf spirea with bronze tips and light pink flowers. Requires minimal pruning.
MAGIC CARPET SPIREA: The new growth emerges a beautiful red before fading to yellow. Pink flowers on this dwarf shrub make an interesting display all summer long.
SHIROBANA SPIREA: An interesting shrub with variations of pink, red and white flowers on the same plant. Good for edging or plantings where space is limited.
SNOWMOUND SPIREA: A dwarf, rounded, bushy shrub covered with white flower clusters in early summer.
BRIDAL WREATH SPIREA: Arching branches curve to the ground, making a fountain-like mound. Branches are covered with flowers in early spring.