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Product Description

Attracts Bees, Winter Interest (regional), Frost Tolerant, Water/Rain tolerant, Fragrant Flowers, Shade Tolerant, Low Maintenance.

Early-blooming, free-flowering plants remain compact in both heat and cold, and have excellent overwintering ability.

Viola varieties at Kool Breeze Farms for 2020:

Viola Sorbet Blue Icy
Viola Sorbet Ruby Gold Babyface
Viola Sorbet XP Beaconsfield
Viola Sorbet XP Mix
Viola Sorbet XP Mix Blueberry Sundae
Viola Sorbet XP Mix Raspberry Sundae
Viola Sorbet XP Mix Blackberry Sundae
Viola Sorbet XP Deep Orange – new for 2020
Viola Sorbet XP Purple- new for 2020
Viola Sorbet XP Red Blotch- new for 2020
Viola Sorbet XP Yellow

Plant Details:
Scientific Name: Viola cornuta

Common Name: Horned Violet

Hardiness Degree: -10°F (-23.3°C)

Blooming Season: Early Spring, Spring, Late Spring, Autumn, Winter

Plant Habit: Mounded


Water: Medium

Fertilize: Every two weeks

Spacing: 6″ (15cm)

Height: 6 – 8″ (15 – 20cm)

Width: 6 – 8″ (15 – 20cm)

Exposure: Partial Sun, Sun