Planting Trees & Shrubs

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Here are some simple guidelines to help your trees and shrubs thrive.


Dig the hole 1 1/2 times wider than the pot and the same depth as the pot.

Add a handful of bone meal and some compost to the hole.

Take your plant out of the container and loosen the roots.

Place in the hole and cover with the dirt you removed from the hole.


Water is a must for the first season right from planting until freeze up.  Water every 10 – 14 days depending on how dry conditions are. Water heavy then let dry out.


For best root development only use compost and bone meal the first year.

If you’re planting trees they should be staked with at least 3 stakes on each side for 1 year.

Do not fertilize the first year; wait until the following spring.

For trees and shrubs that are in their second year or more, only fertilize from spring until the end of July.

Anti-desiccant (e.g. Wilt Pruf) should be applied in the fall to all evergreens before wrapping.

All evergreens and broadleaf evergreens should be wrapped in burlap for the first 3 winters. For more information on winter care check out this information from Landscape Ontario: Winter Protection for Delicate Plants.

Here at Kool Breeze Farms, we have all the ingredients you need for growing beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs.


Bone Meal

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