Botanical Name: Phlox stolonifera

Additional Notes:

I’ve always felt that this plant, the first to receive the Perennial Plant of the Year title, was completely different than the next two decades of PPOY selections. Creeping phlox, not to be with the far more
common ground or moss phlox (subulata), is unusual because it doesn’t have many of the attributes that later selections have. Native to North American woodlands, it thrives in partial to light shade, prefers a loose woodland soil and likes to be kept moist during its growing season. Forming a 3 foot mat of leathery green leaves as a dense, vigorous groundcover, it blooms purple lavender flowers on 3 to 12 inch stems in mid-Spring. The plants should be clipped hard immediately after blooming to maintain a compact habit. Creeping phlox creates a great underplanting to hosta, columbine, ferns, and other woodland plants.