Botanical Name: Nepeta Walker's Low

Additional Notes:

Disclaimer: Not a mint, does not grow like mint, has nothing to do with mint, nor is particularly
attractive to my four cats. Walker’s low catmint is another of those garden workhorses and a best
supporting actor. Whenever I need something to visually tone down some competing large flowering
divas, my first thoughts turn to catmint. Purple flowers appear in late Spring and bloom into August when I’ll clip it back to maintain some shape and have it restart blooming in September. The fine, grey foliage also serves as a great contrast to many other perennials. Drought and salt tolerant, I always plant it on top of Tulips to a) hide their dying leaves, and b) remember where the tulip bulbs are so I don’t dig them up with an overzealous fork in the fall. Easy to grow, it is also easy to divide for additional plants. Very convenient!