Size: 6 packs, 3"-4" pots, 2 gallon

Additional Notes:

We have a great selection of vegetable transplants:

 Salad Bowls
 Asparagus Jersey Giant (4 plants per pot)
 Asparagus Purple Passion (4 plants per pot)
 Beans Green
 Beans Yellow
 Broccoli Gypsy
 Brussel Sprouts Long Island Green
 Cabbage Lennox (winter)
 Cabbage Stonehead
 Cauliflower Snow Crown (white head)
 Celery Giant Pascal
 Corn (Bicolor)
 Corn (Yellow)
 Cucumber Marketmore (9″ regular cuke)
 Cucumber Pickling (dill)
 Cucumber Sweeter Yet ( 12″ Burpless)
 Egg Plant Classic
 Egg Plant Hansel
 Kale Blue Curled Scotch
 Kale Bor Snow
 Kale Red Russian
 Lettuce Blend (Leaf Lettuce)
 Lettuce Green Towers (romaine)
 Lettuce Ithaca (Head Lettuce)
 Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson  (Green Leaf)
 Swiss Chard Bright Lights (Mix)
 Onion (Green Onion)
 Pumpkin Pie
 Pumpkin Jack O Lantern
 Rhubarb Canada Red
 Strawberry everberrying
 Burgess Buttercup Squash
 Spaghetti Squash
 Early Butternut Squash
 Watermelon Sugar Baby
 Zucchini Richgreen
Pepper Calif Wonder Select
(sweet bell pepper green to red)
Pepper Carmen (sweet Italian turns red)
Pepper Chocolate Beauty
(sweet turns mahogany color)
Pepper Habanero (light green to orange very hot)
Pepper Hot Hungarian Wax (hot bright yellow to red)
Pepper Jalapeno M (hot green to red)
Pepper Orange Blaze (sweet orange bell pepper)
Pepper Purple Beauty (green to purple sweet)
Pepper Red Beauty
(sweet turns green to red sweet)
Pepper Red Cherry Hot
(hot cherry shaped green to red)
Pepper Sweet Banana
(sweet hungarian yellow to red)
Single Tomatoes in 4.5″ Pots
Tomato Cherry Bomb (Blight Resistant Cherry)
Tomato Defiant (Blight Resistant Medium Size)
Tomato Jasper ( Blight Resistant Cherry Tomato)
Tomato Mountain Magic
(Blight Resistant Large Cherry type )
Tomato Mountain Merit (Blight Resistant
round juicy red fruit )
Tomato Plum Regal ( Blight Resistant Plum Shaped )
Tomato Stellar (Blight Resistant Medium Size)
Tomato Sweetheart of the Patio (Blight Resistant Cherry)
Patio Tomatoes (2 different plants in one pot)
Tomato Sweetheart of the Patio (Blight Resistant Cherry)
Tomato Baby Boomer (Cherry)
Tomato Bushsteak (Lrg Tomato)
Tomato Homeslice (Medium Tomato)
Tomato Patio Choice Yellow (Cherry)