Pruning Fruit Trees

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February and March are good months to prune fruit trees because they are dormant.  Pruning can be beneficial for a tree as it allows for more light and air circulation. It is recommended to prune fruit trees annually.

Here are a few pruning tips:

  • Overlapping branches: remove one so the light can get to the other.
  • Prune vertically growing branches.  Keep the horizontal growing branches as they are the ones that will provide fruit.
  • prune approximately one-quarter of horizontally growing branches.
  • Remove any diseased or broken branches and dispose of them away from the tree.
  • Prune any branches that are touching the ground to deter pests.


Pruning Fruit Trees Graphic By Wilkes County Center NC State University, Bill Hanlin, JoAnne Gryder


For more info on pruning:

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