Kim’s Fall Garden Checklist

Gardeners are always thinking a season or two ahead. Here are Kim’s 10 things to do in the fall to prepare for next season’s growing.

  1. Fall bulbs and garlic.  October-December is the time to plant fall bulbs like crocuses, daffodils, tulips, and alliums including garlic. Get them in before the ground freezes.
  2. Summer bulbs.  Dig up summer bulbs once they have died back. This includes dahlias and gladioli.
  3. Lawn care.  Apply lime and fall fertilizer to your lawn. The best fertilizer to use is one specifically formulated for fall. It will have a higher level of potassium (the third number in the formula). Potassium helps with growth and vigor.
  4. Vegetable garden.  Remove vegetable plants and other debris. Amend your soil with compost. We carry some great organic choices, available bagged or bulk by the tractor scoop.
  5. Clean and sharpen garden tools.
  6. Empty and clean pots. Move them indoors if necessary to prevent damage from freezing.
  7. Some perennials, like hostas and lilies, can be moved in fall. If you want to move perennials with a more delicate root system, it’s better to wait until spring.
  8. Mulch your tender plants. Fallen leaves are great for this purpose.
  9. Protect evergreen shrubs from winter damage. Wrap with burlap or use a protective shrub cover. You can help prevent moisture loss over winter with Wilt-Pruf.
  10. Protect young fruit trees, burning bushes etc. with tree guards to deter nibbling rodents and rabbits over the winter. You can also apply Skoot animal repellent. Skoot is painted or sprayed on shrubs and plants. It is harmless but distasteful – “seldom is a second bite taken by the same animal.”



Pelletized Lime


Fall Fertilizer


Certified Organic Sheep Compost


Mulch – bagged and bulk available


Skoot repels rodents and rabbits