Herb Plants 2022

Product Description

April 2022: herb plants available now!  Choices include basil, chocolate mint, spearmint, tarragon, oregano, lavender and many more. Full list below.

We’ve got everything you need to get growing your own fresh herbs including containers in every size and organic potting soils specially blended for herbs. Come on in for a browse and get inspired to create your own culinary herb garden.

Ask about herbs that can help deter mosquitoes when you’re here.

Shop early for the best selection.

Herb Listing 2022
Basil Lemon Sweet Dani
Basil Rutgers Devotion DMR
Basil Try Basil
Chamomile German
Chives Garlic
Chives Onion
Cilantro Coriander
Curry Tall
Dill Diana
Lavender Hidcote Blue (ctg)
Lavender Munstead
Melissa Lemon Balm
Lemon Grass
Mint Chocolate
Mint Mojito
Mint Peppermint
Mint Spearmint
Oregano Greek
Oregano Italian
Parsley Darki Curled
Parsley Giant of Italy
Rosemary Common
Rosemary Barbecue
Sage Common
Sage Pineapple
Tarragon French
Thyme Lemon
Thyme vulgaris
Verbena Lemon