Seed Potatoes 2021 SOLD OUT

Product Description

Seed potatoes for 2021:

This list is subject to availability as some varieties sell out fast!

Irish Cobbler: early maturity, white flesh, good for boiling and baking.

Russet Burbank: late maturity, white flesh, excellent for chipping, French fries, baking and boiling, and stores well.

Dark Red Norland: early maturity Red potatoes, with their smooth bright red skin and pure white flesh. Whether baked, boiled, mashed or tossed in a salad – red potatoes are simply delicious.

Superior: Early to mid-season variety. Light buff skinned, round tubers with white flesh and shallow eyes. Great flavour for boiling or baking. Not recommended for long term storage.

Yukon Gems: early maturity, new version of Yukon gold, yellow skin with yellow flesh, ideal for baking, boiling & French frying. Great long-term storage.

Did you know fingerling potatoes naturally grown small and narrow?

Purple Peruvian: late maturity fingerling, purple skin and flesh. Excellent for baking, roasting and boiling. Stores well.

Austrian Crescent: Mid-season fingerling with yellow skin and flesh. Great for baking, boiling or roasting.

Rose Finn: This delicious heirloom fingerling is a long-time favorite of restaurant chefs, with attractive rose-blushed skin, deep yellow flesh and exquisite flavor and is mid-season harvest. Great baked or boiled.