Shaw Pavers, Tumbled OldStone, TerraStone & PortStone

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Product Description

Tumbled OldStone, TerraStone and PortStone Pavers are the ‘rough and tumble’ county cousins of the more refined, straight-edged Classic paving stones by the same names.

With a naturally-worn and slightly-rounded appearance, they bring old-world country charm to any paving stone project, be it a driveway, a terrace or a secluded garden walkway.

Three different shapes and sizes of paving stones

These concrete pavers also come in three different shapes and sizes. Tumbled OldStone is a small rectangle, Tumbled TerraStone is a larger rectangle and Tumbled PortStone is square. All are also available in an 80 mm thickness by special order.


Available Colours

mocha charcoal

red charcoal




8-L x 4-W x 2.375-H in
198-L x 98-W x 60-H mm

Unit coverage: .22 sq. ft


8-L x 8-W x 2.375-H in
198-L x 198-W x 60-H mm

Unit coverage: .44 sq. ft


12-L x 8-W x 2.375-H in

305-L x 198-W x 60-H mmUnit coverage: .66 sq. ft

All styles available in 80mm-H as a special order item.