Planting a Fragrant Garden

Did you know that the sense of smell is believed to be the sense most closely linked to memory and feelings? This may be why fragrance plays such an important role in the garden for many of us. When we see a beautiful bloom, our first instinct is to smell it (after a quick check for foraging bees).

Including fragrant plants in your green spaces is easy when you know what to choose. Lilacs and roses such as climbing “Joseph’s Coat” are old favorites. There are lots of perennial and annual plant choices too. A simple patch of white alyssum in a pot or in your garden will fill the air around it with a sweet scent and will make the local pollinators happy.

Here are five of Steph’s picks for scented perennials:

  1. Asclepias incarnata “Soulmate” – also called Butterfly weed. Blossoms have a vanilla fragrance.
  2. Carnation “Grenadin Mix” – clove-like fragrance from colorful 2″ blooms.
  3. Lilium ‘’My Wedding” – stunning white flowers with a beautiful fragrance.
  4. Paeonia “Bartzella” – this peony has a pronounced sweet scent.
  5. Phlox paniculata “Orange Perfection” – fragrant, glowing orange blooms.

Some fragrant annuals to try are heliotrope, sweet pea and white alyssum.

Herbs also add scent to the garden plus they provide flavor-on-demand for food and drinks.  Try “Essence Purple” lavender, mints, lemon balm, oregano, and pineapple sage.

Place your plants near a window or walkway or anywhere the fragrances will be enjoyed.

Do you grow any fragrant plants that you would recommend? Please let us know.