Plants to Know & Grow: Asters

Why grow asters?

  • At this time of year when summer’s blooms are fading, asters are like fall mums – still growing strong! Their cheery, daisy-like flowers add vivid colour to the porch in a container or planted in the garden.
  • They are frost-tolerant and usually bloom through November.
  • They make great cut flowers for bouquets!
  • Asters provide a late-season nectar supply for our pollinator friends.


  • Asters prefer full sun but will grow in part sun, likely with fewer blooms.
  • Soil should be moist and well-drained, and it helps to mix in some compost.
  • If planting in ground, add a layer of mulch.

Fun fact: According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac,  asters are also referred to as “Michaelmas daisies,” after the holiday of the same name that occurs on September 29.

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