Bagged Fertilizer

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What are those 3 numbers on the fertilizer bag?
Nitrogen: Promotes strong green growth, and a thick attractive lawn.
Phosphorus: Helps with strong root development and helps keep your lawn lush and thick.
Potassium: Helps build a stronger plant and helps with growth and vigor.

Why buy organic lawn fertilizer?
• Organic fertilizer adds nutrients and healthy organisms to your soil for the long-term health of your lawn.
• Organic fertilizer provides a slower rate of absorption, promoting a deep, strong root system. This enables your lawn to resist weeds and drought, allows less mowing and less de-thatching.
• Organic fertilizer allows healthy soil microbes to thrive. These microbes aid in breaking down thatch, aerating soil and creating micro-nutrients.

When is it appropriate to use chemical lawn fertilizer?
• When your grass needs a quick boost.
• When you can use in moderation.
• When your lawn does not slope to a ditch or other waterway.
Overuse of chemical fertilizers creates lush, weak grass which needs more mowing and de-thatching; weak roots which cannot resist drought; death of healthy microbes; damage to flora and fauna in waterways.