Lawn Products-Grass Seed, Sod, Lime & Fertilizer

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Grass seed for the smallest patch to the largest acreage – we have the right lawn products for you! We carry pelletized and powdered lime plus several types of fertilizer, both regular and certified organic, to help keep your grass and garden growing.
Just a few products are pictured here-come for a visit and see-we’ve got you covered when it comes to lawn products.

For Your Information…
Why buy organic lawn fertilizer?
• Organic fertilizer adds nutrients and healthy organisms to your soil for the long-term health of your lawn.
• Organic fertilizer provides a slower rate of absorption, promoting a deep, strong root system. This enables your lawn to resist weeds and drought, allows less mowing and less de-thatching.
• Organic fertilizer allows healthy soil microbes to thrive. These microbes aid in breaking down thatch, aerating soil and creating micro-nutrients.

For Your Information…
When is it appropriate to use chemical lawn fertilizer?
• When your grass needs a quick boost.
• When you can use in moderation.
• When your lawn does not slope to a ditch or other waterway.
Overuse of chemical fertilizers creates lush, weak grass which needs more mowing and de-thatching; weak roots which cannot resist drought; death of healthy microbes; damage to flora and fauna in waterways.