Annuals at Kool Breeze Farms

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Here at Kool Breeze Farms, we have so many beautiful flowering annuals. Visit us for choices from alyssum to zinnias!

We do our best to keep this list updated, however due to customer demand not all plants on this list may be available at your time of visit. Shop early for the best selection!

List of annuals available for 2024!

 Ageratum Aloha Blue
 Ageratum Aloha White
 Alyssum Easter Bonnet Mix
 Alyssum Easter Bonnet White
 Alyssum Easter Bonnet Violet
 Alyssum Wonderland Blue
 Begonia Wax Bada Bing Rose (Green Leaf)
 Begonia Wax Bada Bing Mix (Green Leaf)
 Begonia Wax Bada Bing Scarlet (Green Leaf)
 Begonia Wax Bada Bing White (Green Leaf)
 Begonia Wax Bada Boom Mix (Bronze Leaf)
 Begonia Wax Bada Boom Rose (Bronze Leaf)
 Begonia Wax Bada Boom Scarlet (Bronze Leaf)
 Begonia Wax Bada Boom White (Bronze Leaf)
 Celosia Fresh Look Red
 Celosia Fresh Look Yellow
 Celosia Fresh Look Mix
 Coleus Dragon Black
 Coleus Fairway Mix
 Cosmos Apollo Mix
 Cosmos Sonata Pink
 Cosmos Sonata Red Shades
 Cosmos Sonata White
 Dianthus Parfait Super Raspberry
 Dianthus Parfait Super Strawberry
 Dusty Miller mar Silverdust
 Gazania New Day Mix
 Gazania New Day Pink Shades
 Gazania New Day Red Shades
 Gazania New Day Yellow
 German Ivy
 Impatiens Beacon Mix Chicago
 Impatiens Beacon Mix Formula
 Impatiens Beacon Orange
 Impatiens Beacon Red Brt
 Impatiens Beacon Rose
 Impatiens Beacon Salmon
 Impatiens Beacon Violet Sh
 Impatiens Beacon White
 Flowering Kale Kanome Red
 Flowering Kale Kanome White
 Lobelia Regatta Blue Sky
 Lobelia Regatta Midnight Blue
 Lobelia Regatta White
 Lobelia Riviera Midnight Blue
 Marigold Inca II Orange (Medium Height)
 Marigold Inca II Yellow (Medium Height)
 Marigold Bali Mix (Tall)
 Marigold Durango Bolero (Medium Height)
 Marigold Durango Gold (Medium Height)
 Marigold Durango Outback Mixture (Medium Height)
 Marigold Durango Red (Medium Height)
 Marigold Durango Tangerine (Medium Height)
 Marigold Durango Yellow (Medium Height)
 Marigold Hot Pak Flame (Short Height)
 Marigold Hot Pak Orange (Short Height)
 Marigold Hot Pak Harmony (Short Height)
 Marigold Hot Pak Mix (Short Height)
 Marigold Hot Pak Yellow (Short Height)
 Marigold Strawberry Blonde (Medium Height)
 Marigold Fireball (Medium Height)
 Pansy Majestic II Mix Blotch
 Pansy Matrix Lavender Shades
 Pansy Matrix Midnight Glow
 Pansy Matrix Mix Clear
 Pansy Matrix Morpheus
 Pansy Matrix Ocean
 Pansy Matrix Orange
 Pansy Matrix Purple
 Pansy Matrix Red Blotch
 Pansy Matrix Rose Wing
 Pansy Matrix White
 Pansy Matrix Yellow
 Pansy Spring Matrix Orange Deep
 Pansy Spring Matrix Red Blotch
 Pansy Spring Matrix Yellow
 Pansy Spr Matrix Pink Sh
 Petunia Pretty Grand Mello Yellow
 Petunia Pretty Grand Midnight
 Petunia Pretty Grand Mix
 Petunia Pretty Grand Pink Deep
 Petunia Pretty Grand Purple
 Petunia Pretty Grand Red
 Petunia Pretty Grand White
 Phlox 21st Century Mix
 Petunia Easy Wave Blue
 Petunia Easy Wave Mix South Beach
 Petunia Easy Wave Pink Passion
 Petunia Easy Wave Red
 Petunia Easy Wave White
 Petunia Easy Wave Violet
 Petunia Shock Wave Mix Spark Ipd
 Petunia Shock Wave Purple Deep
 Portulaca Happy Trails Mix
 Salvia Red Hot Sally II
 Salvia Vista Mix
 Salvia Victoria Blue
 Snapdragon Snapshot Mix
 Snapdragon Snapshot Yellow
 Verbena Obsession Mix
 Verbena Obsession Pink
 Verbena Obsession Red
 Viola Sorbet Blue Icy
 Viola Sorbet XP Beaconsfield
 Viola Sorbet XP Mix
 Viola Sorbet XP Mix Blbry Sde
 Viola Sorbet  XP Deep Orange
 Viola Sorbet XP Red
 Viola Sorbet XP Yellow
 Zinnia Zahara Mix