Mosquito Barrier (garlic-based repellent)

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Garlic-Based Mosquito Barrier Spray Keeps Mosquitoes Out Up To 30 Days. No Poisons or Chemicals. All Natural, Garlic-Based Repellent.

Effective at repelling ticks too.

Spraying Tips – Mosquito Barrier

 Simple as 1, 2, 3.    

 Shake the bottle of Mosquito Barrier well.

  1. Dilute with water.
  2. Spray your grass, shrubs, gardens and trees well.

 Additional tips that assist in reducing mosquitoes and ticks.


Get rid of all standing water, even the smallest amounts.  Drain everything from flower pot saucers to eaves troughs.

Cut the grass before spraying.  Turn off sprinkler systems 48 hours after spraying.  Clean up excess organic matter, such as leaves.  Keep gutters and screens in good repair.  Attempt to have all excess water drain away from your outdoor area.


Apply Mosquito Barrier 24 hours after rain and 48 hours before it is forecast to rain again.

Shake the mixture very well.

If you have standing water or very ‘hard’ water we recommend:  Mixing 30ml of Mosquito Barrier per liter of water; add up to an equal amount of vegetable oil (canola oil) and a little unscented dish soap, about 5 ml, to make everything blend. 

If adding soap and oil be very careful not to spray on non-porous surfaces (smooth concrete) as they may become slippery until dry.
Start spraying from the area you wish to protect then work your way out and away.

Important:  Make sure to spray the grass wet and spray the undersides of foliage. Insects love the bottom side of leaves.

Spray all grass, shrubs, plants not just the perimeter of the property.  Be sure to include shady places such as under porches/decks, beneath the house, even spray sides of house (test for staining first) & porches.  Spray wood piles as well for ticks.

Note:  Spraying wood siding/decking may cause odour to last longer than a couple of hours.

Spray into trees up to about 3-4 meters.  Spray the shorelines of creeks or ponds (mosquitoes also breed in mud).

Take note of extra mosquito activity when spraying certain areas.  These areas need to be inspected and dealt with.

Best spraying time is early morning or late in the afternoon 1 hour before sundown.

There is less wind at this time and the sun is not at its highest peak.

Ticks:  Start applying in spring and into June when nymphs are most active.

Apply through August, September and early October.  Ticks will avoid overwintering in sprayed areas.

Keep grass cut, foliage trimmed, leaves raked.  Let as much sunshine in to hit the ground.

Use at least 30-40 ml of Mosquito Barrier per liter of water. You may use more. Many professionals use 40 to 60 ml of garlic per liter of water. This does not harm plants or animals and it will work even better.

If infestation exists, double up the amount of Mosquito Barrier.  A second application may also be needed for control but wait at least 4 days before reapplying.

If you still have some spray material left over after spraying your yard, continuing your spraying until your mixture is completely used up.

To keep mosquitoes & ticks off horses, cows and other grazers:  Mix 50-60ml of Mosquito Barrier with 1 liter of water.  Apply to bottom half of animal’s tail, legs and torso. Avoid eyes.

For overnight cleaning of sprayers we suggest using mild soapy water.

Do not store in sunlight and do not let product freeze. Mosquito Barrier will last for years if not fully used.

Mosquito Barrier for Tick Control.


Mosquito Barrier should be used on your property to reduce and repel ticks.

Use the same dilution rates as you would for mosquitoes and shake the bottle well  before mixing.  Mosquito Barrier is 100% pure garlic juice so it may have settled.


Keep grass mowed short, maximum to ankle height, and rake all leaves and dispose.

  • Increase the amount of sun to the ground by pruning trees.
  • Lyme carrying ticks like humidity and avoid dry conditions.
  • Keep watering to a minimum.
  • Spray grass and shrubs, underneath shrubs, under decks, porches and on any wood pile.
  • Apply in May and into June when nymphs are most active.
  • For every liter of water use a minimum of 30 ml of Mosquito Barrier.  You may double up to 60 ml if ticks are already present.


Additional tips for creating a tick and mosquito safe zone around your home:

  • Empty objects that can collect water- such as flower plants, bird baths.
  • Clear brush around homes, lawns and property lines.  This reduces deer and other animals.
  • Keep bird feeders away from your house (this assists to reduce rodents)
  • Place a 3-ft wide barrier of wood chips or gravel between lawns and wooded areas to restrict tick migration into recreational areas.
  • Keep playground equipment, decks, and patios away from yard edges and trees.
  • Discourage unwelcome animals (such as deer, rodents, raccoons, and stray dogs) from entering your yard (see above points).
  • For additional information, please see: Lyme Ontario or for identification and national monitoring.