Oaks Paving Stones, Ridgefield Plus

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Ridgefield Plus pavers, with their dynamic textures, natural colours, and clever engineering blend the look of hand cut stone with long lasting durability to create a product suitable for high traffic areas, such as driveways and walkways. Striking on their own, these 70 mm (2.76”) thick stone pavers can be paired with other 70 mm pavers to build unlimited patterns and designs.

Available colours:



Sizes, packaged in large combo bundle:

8 x 12 Stone
Width 200 mm (7.87″)
Length 300 mm (11.81″)

12 x 12 Stone
Width 300 mm (11.81″)
Length 300 mm (11.81″)

12 x 16 Stone
Width 300 mm (11.81″)
Length 400 mm (15.74″)