Onions, Garlic, Shallots 2024

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Spring Garlic:  Easy to grow and doesn’t need a lot of space.  90 days. 3 per pkg.

Shallots:  Mild flavour that is a blend of garlic and onions.  Store extremely well.  Red-skinned, white flesh.  120 days. 15 per pkg.

Spanish (Large White Onion):  Large, yellow-skinned onion with white flesh.  8-16 oz. size.  110 days. 100 per pkg.

White Onion  (Snow Ball): dry onion with a pure white skin, and mild sweet taste. 100 per pkg.

Multiplier Onions (Green Onions):  These onions can be harvested early for green onions, or left to mature into a shallot-size storage onion. 15 per pkg.

Red Onions:  Produces high globed-shaped onions with dark red skin, mid term storage, 110 days. 100 per pkg.

Sturon (Yellow Onion):  Regular yellow onion, great for storage, fresh eating, or plant closer for some green onions.  85-100 days.100 per pkg.

Onion sets, yellow, white, red, spanish multipliers + garlic sets: $4.75 per package or 2 for $8.