Shaw AB Stones for retaining walls

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Versatile and easy-to-install retaining wall blocks from Allan Block. From light-landscaped terraces to major structural retaining walls, AB Stones from Allan Block will cover your landscaping needs. Design with fluid curves or strong straight lines. Add angles, corners and stairway details.

AB Stones from Allan Block generate a smooth fluid finish in any outdoor living space. Featuring a built-in interlock and setback, these retaining wall blocks are easy to install. The hollow core offers superior drainage and easier handling. The resulting patterned retaining walls will define your space for years to come.


17.625-L x 12-W x 7.5-H in
448-L x 305-W x 190-H mm

16-L x 8-W x 7.5-H in
406-L x 203-W x 190-H mm

3. CAP
17.625-L x 12-W x 4-H in
448-L x 305-W x 95-H mm

Available Colours: Natural.