Shaw Pavers, FundyStone

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Deep-textured, old-style look in a false-joint paving stone.

Introduced in 2013, FundyStone is a false joint 50mm paver that allows for many different looks, just by laying a different pattern. While these paving stones are recommended for patios, garden paths and walkways, they are not suitable for heavier-weight-bearing applications like driveways.

The deep-dimpled surface texture of FundyStone Pavers make them an excellent non-slip alternative. These concrete pavers are available in one size with three different false joint imprints. Choose from three popular colours: Natural Charcoal, Chamois Charcoal and Mocha Charcoal.



11.8-L X 7.9-W X 2-H in

300-L X 200-W X 50-H mm

Unit Coverage:  .65 sq.ft

FundyStone Pavers are not recommended for driveways.


Natural Charcoal

Chamois Charcoal

Mocha Charcoal