Shaw Roman StackStone

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All the benefits of StackStone with a more weathered look. This RisiStone product is the weathered version of the StackStone system and has all the same positive attributes, including the tapered design, self-aligning structure and durability.

Roman StackStone is manufactured through a specialized process that rounds off the edges and corners, and gouges the face of the landscape blocks. This gives patio walls, garden walls, tree wells and other landscape elements a worn cobble appearance that looks like real stone, not concrete.

These popular landscape blocks are available in four pleasing colours:

Colour carried: Red Blend.

8-L X 8-W X 4-H in (6-L back)

203-L x 178-W x 102-H mm (152-L back)

Unit Coverage: approx .22 sq ft/block