Tomatoes, 2024 Varieties

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For 2024, we have the following tomato transplants:

Blight Resistant Single Tomatoes in 4.5″ Pots:
 Tomato Bellatrix (Blight Resistant Plum)
 Tomato Buffalosun (Blight Resistant Yellow Beefstake)
 Tomato Celano (Blight Resistant Grape Tomato)
 Tomato Darkstar (Heritage Blight Resistant Beefstake)
 Tomato Fantastico (Blight Resistant Grape Tomato)
 Tomato Jasper (Blight Resistent Cherry Tomato)
 Tomato Mountain Gem (Blight Resistant Medium)
 Tomato Mountain Magic
(Blight Resistant Large Cherry type )
 Tomato Mountain Merit (Blight Resistant
round juicy red fruit )
 Tomato Damsel (Blight Resistant Beefstake 10-12 oz)
 Tomato Plum Regal ( Blight Resistant Plum Shaped )
 Tomato Purple Zebra (Blight Resistant 3-4 oz Dark Red Stripe)
 Tomato Sweetheart of the Patio
(Blight Resistant Cherry)
 Tomato Cloudy Day (Blight Resistant Medium Size)
 Tomato Oh Happy Day (Blight Resistant Beefstake)
2 Tomatoes in 1 Pot With Cage:
Tomato Sweetheart of the Patio and Mountain Gem
(Blight Resistant Cherry)

Click here for detailed info on each tomato variety.