Vegetable Plants 2024

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Visit us for your vegetable plants. We have a great selection and everything you’ll need to grow them. Check out our organic potting soils, fertilizers and composts while you’re here.

2024 vegetable plants:

 Guelph Millennium ( 4 Plants per pot )
 Beans Green
 Beans Yellow
 Broccoli Gypsy
 Brussel Sprouts Long Island Green
 Cabbage Stonehead (Early)
 Cauliflower Snow Crown (white head)
 Celery Giant Pascal
 Corn (Bicolor)
 Corn (Yellow)
 Cucumber Straight Eights (9″ regular cuke)
 Cucumber Pickling (dill)
 Cucumber Sweeter Yet ( 12″ Burpless)
 Egg Plant Classic
 Egg Plant Hansel
 Ground Cherry
 Kale Scotch Blue Curl
 Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson
 Lettuce Great Lakes (Head Lettuce)
 Lettuce Mesclun Baby leaf (Leaf Lettuce)
 Lettuce Paris Island Cos (romaine)
 Lettuce Thurinus
 Pumpkin Jack O Lantern
 Pumpkin Pie
 Rhubarb Canada Red
 Squash Acorn
 Squash Spaghetti
 Squash Burgess Buttercup
 Squash Early Butternut
 Strawberry everberrying
 Watermelon Sugar Baby
 Zucchini Richgreen