Snow Blowing Services

We have been serving our residential neighbors with snow blowing services since 1977.  We are reliable, experienced, cell phone-equipped for emergency calls, with reasonable rates and yearly contracts.  The shaded area on the map below outlines our service area. We provide service to the Perry subdivision (MacQuarrie Drive, Gaudet Crescent, Kelly Drive) and to residences on Read Drive as far as ADL.

For a snow plowing quote, please fill out the form below or email Ian at ian@kbfarms.caWe will need your name, address and phone number in order to give you a quote for snow plowing services.

    Enter your full name

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    Enter your address so we can see if we can fit it within an existing route

    Fill out the form and click “apply for quote.” We will contact you to let you know if we can help and what it will cost for the season.